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UK Lawmakers call for govt to develop crypto and blockchain skills ecosystem 

Members of the UK Parliament have called on its government to build an ecosystem that provides skills needed to match the demand in the Crypto, Blockchain, and AI industries.

According to CoinDesk, Member of Parliament Lisa Cameron who led the call urged the UK government to ensure that digital skills are taught from the early stage of education and even in the workplace.

The UK government has earlier said that it wants to make the country a hub for Crypto. So far it has reflected this desire through legislation that recognizes Crypto as a regulated activity with secondary legislation for stablecoins and other crypto activities on the way.

However, for Cameron, there is still more to be done to make the United Kingdom a hub for crypto activities. One of the major challenges cited by employers in the digital sector is a lack of talent to hire.

Cameron also asked for more partnerships with crypto firms like Ripple, which launched a blockchain research initiative for universities in 2018, stablecoin issuer Circle, which partnered with academic institutions; and Tether, which launched an education initiative this year.

The UK Minister of Skills, Luke Hall commented on the growing skills gap in the digital sector in the country citing what it costs the UK economy.