“Unless the Rolls Royce is in your name, you’re crying a cheap cry” – Actress Carolyna Hutchings tells ladies

Carolyna Hutchings
  • Carolyna Hutchings, a Nigerian actress and filmmaker, warns women who are willing to endure unsettling relationships due to a man’s wealth.
  • In an interview with TV presenter Stephanie Coker, the two discussed women who choose to remain in relationships due to love and money, claiming it’s their responsibility.

Carolyna Hutchings, a Nigerian actress and director, sends messageto ladies who are prepared to stay in an uncomfortable relationship only because a man is wealthy.

During a YNaija interview, TV host Stephanie Coker, the two talked about ladies who because of love and money, decide to remain in a relationship. claiming that it is none of nobody’s business and that it is their journey to walk.

Some women, according to Stephanie Coker, would rather cry in a Range Rover than in a Keke Napep (tricycle).

Carolyna Hutchings responded by saying that these women are making a cheap cry unless the Rolls Royce and Range Rover they are crying over are in their names.

Watch video below:

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@Chi Sandra stated: “True sha But AC so still blow me”

@WildChild said: “Understanding girlfriends don collect stray”

@The village boy wrote: “You can tell who is from a rich background from how they are moved by money and material things”

@Brutalbuzz penned: “Gold diggers coner, wetin God go judge plenty sha, tufyakwa”