“Unless the Rolls Royce is in your name, you’re crying a cheap cry” – Caroline Hutchings schools ladies

caroline apc

Carolyna Hutchings, a Nigerian actress and filmmaker, presents a warning to women who are ready to stay in an unpleasant relationship because of their man’s money.

In an interview on YNaija with TV presenter Stephanie Coker, the two addressed girls who choose to stay in a relationship for love and money, arguing that it is no one’s business because it is their burden to bear.

Stephanie Coker mentioned that some females prefer to weep in a Range Rover rather than a Keke Napep (tricycle).

Carolyna Hutchings said that unless the Rolls Royce and Range Rover in question bear their names, these ladies are weeping a cheap cry.

Check out netizens’ responses.

Chi Sandra stated: “True sha But AC so still blow me”

WildChild said: “Understanding girlfriends don collect stray”

The village boy wrote: “You can tell who is from a rich background from how they are moved by money and material things”

Brutalbuzz penned: “Gold diggers coner, wetin God go judge plenty sha, tufyakwa🙄”