Update: India Arrests Three Men For Alleged Gang-r*pe And Assault Of Foreign Travelvlog Couple


Three suspects have been arrested by the Police in eastern India in connection with the alleged gang r*pe of a foreign tourist and assault of her husband.The police are also hunting for four more suspects.Recall that a woman and her husband, who set out to travel the world on their motorcycles, revealed that when they got to India, they were attacked by seven men who gang-r*ped the woman and assaulted the man.The couple, who had been traveling by motorcycle from the state of West Bengal to neighboring Nepal, were found late Friday, March 1, by police officers on patrol, said Pitambar Singh Kherwar, superintendent of Dumka district police in Jharkhand state.They were taken to hospital, where the woman told the doctor she had been r*ped, he said.Police know the identities of the wanted suspects and have formed a special investigative team, Kherwar said.India’s National Commission for Women (NCW) condemned the alleged attack on the travelvlog couple.India has struggled for years to tackle high rates of violence against women, with a number of high-profile rape cases involving foreign visitors drawing international attention to the issue.

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