Verizon just eliminated the need for your burner phone

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Carrying around more than one phone can be a hassle. Why not have two numbers for one phone? This is a question that Verizon just answered with its new Second Number service. This will let you use two different phone numbers on the same phone. It’s the kind of service that will make you drop your burner phone.

The carrier put a lot of effort into the service to make it as convenient and low-effort as possible. As the name suggests, you will be able to use two phone numbers on the same device. In order to get a second number onto your phone, it will cost you an additional $10/month. That seems like a good deal to add an additional functioning line to your plan. However, you need to know that this offer only extends to June 5th. If you get a second number after June 5th, it will cost you $15/month.

How to use Second Number on your Verizon plan

To be eligible, you need to be a new or existing Verizon customer using a phone with dual-SIM support. When you are sending a text message to a person, you will see the option to switch between your primary and secondary numbers in the From text field. So, your primary number will be the first number on your phone, and the secondary number will simply be called a Second Number.

The same thing goes for when you’re making a call. On the dial screen, you will see your primary number selected first. Tap on the primary number button, and select Second Number to switch to your secondary number.

Also, if you want a certain contact to be contacted by your second number exclusively, you can set it. So, whenever you contact that number, it will always be through the secondary number. Also, the default line you set will be visible on that contact’s screen.

Lastly, when you’re getting an incoming call, you will see an indicator to let you know which number you are getting it on.

To get your Second Number, go to the official Verizon Second Number page. You’ll be able to learn more about it and add it to your line.