Very Dark Man alleges that Carter Efe beats his baby mama, advises women against abusive men

MixCollage 18 May 2024 10 44 AM 6378

Very Dark Man recently dropped a jaw dropping allegation against skit maker Carter Efe and his baby mama, after reviewing Puff Daddy and Cassie’s domestic abuse case.

The video started with Very Dark Man in disbelief over how Puff Daddy hit Cassie and dragged her down the hallway of the hotel they were in.

Very Dark Man proceeded to say that he will keep posting videos like this because he has sisters, and would not want something of this nature to happen to them.

After talking about Puff Daddy, Very Dark Man proceeded to talk about skit maker Carter Efe, claiming that he had heard allegations that he physically abused his baby mama, and from the description he gave, Carter Efe treats his baby mama like Puff Daddy did Cassie.

He went on to say that a lot of Nigerian celebrities physically abuse their girlfriends and wives. Also, Very Dark Man said those women would have similar stories with Puff Daddy’s ex-girlfriend Cassie.

Going forward, Very Dark Man said a lot of these celebrities are on drugs, and that they get high and go back home, only to use their female partners as punching bags.

A notable statement that Very Dark Man made was that any man who hits women h*tes women, because there’s no way a man would love a woman a still hit her.

Using himself as an example, Very Dark Man said that he would never hit a woman, especially at this point in his life that he has become much more enlightened.

Very Dark Man went on to advise young ladies, telling them to steer clear of abusive men. He went on to say that perhaps they can stay after they’ve been hit once, but if it happens twice, there’s no way to salvage the situation.