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Vi expands IoT offerings through partnership with 6D Technologies

Vi x 6D Technologies

Vi has announced its collaboration with 6D Technologies to introduce its ‘Infinity’ Connectivity Management and Device Management Platform for Vodafone Idea (Vi) customers.

This platform aims to enhance the digital experience for Vi’s Enterprise customers in India, offering real-time visibility and comprehensive management capabilities for various IoT services.

Key Features of Vi IoT Smart Central Platform:
  • Seamless integration and management of IoT devices
  • Accelerated rollout of specialized IoT vertical applications across industries such as automobiles, banking, and utilities
  • Single solution for managing IoT business aspects from onboarding enterprises to real-time charging, billing, and invoicing
  • Flexible product configuration for different IoT offers
  • Full control over end-to-end service and order management
Vi IoT Smart Central Platform

Through this partnership, Vodafone Idea launches the “Vi IoT Smart Central platform”, powered by 6D Technologies’ ‘Infinity’.

This platform facilitates the smooth integration and management of IoT devices, empowering enterprises to expedite the deployment of their specialized IoT applications in sectors like automobiles, banking, and utilities.

360-Degree Visibility and Cost Monetization

Apart from connectivity management, ‘Infinity’ offers enterprises comprehensive visibility and cost monetization capabilities.

It enables Vi to enhance its IoT Enterprise Business Solutions, supporting market leadership, improving customer experience, and boosting business revenue through future-driven technologies.

Impact of Collaboration

By leveraging 6D Technologies’ expertise, Vi gains greater autonomy in managing its operations, enabling the company to deliver exceptional service and maintain competitiveness in the telecommunications industry.

Vi partners with 6d technologies

This collaboration marks a significant step towards Vi’s commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction.

Commenting on the partnership, Jagbir Singh, Chief Technology Officer at Vodafone Idea Ltd., said:

6D Technologies has played a pivotal role in delivering a forward-looking solution, bolstering the Vi technology ecosystem with the ‘IoT Smart Central’ platform for enhanced scalability and agility. This platform offers pre-built functionalities, empowering the Vi network and IT team to effortlessly cater to diverse customer needs, ensuring swift turnaround times and improved SLAs. Moreover, it equips the business team to capitalize on these innovative features, making it a genuine game-changer for Vi’s enterprise clientele.

Speaking about the partnership, Abhilash Sadanandan, Co-founder and CEO of 6D Technologies, said:

We are dedicated to empowering telcos and enterprises with forward-looking technologies and solutions that yield tangible business results. The platform not only provides localized variations and adjusts to meet market demands but also guarantees compliance with standard specifications from 3GPP, GSMA, and TM Forum. Our partnership with Vodafone Idea signifies a major milestone in our quest to deliver innovative IoT connectivity and device management platforms, empowering enterprises to flourish in the digital age.