Video: Fubara Is Not Different From Wike, When They Are Done Fighting, They Will Come For You – Dele Farotimi Warns Nigerians

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Political activist, Dele Farotimi has claimed that the incumbent governor of Rivers State, Siminalayi Fubara and his predecessor, Nyesom Wike are fighting over the loot in the state.

Speaking via a video shared on X, Farotimi asserted that the politicians were simply fighting for their own interests and not that of the state.

He advised Nigerians to remain neutral and not take side with either of the political warriors.

Farotimi stated that when the duo are done fighting they would come for the masses.

According to him, “My enemy’s enemy is my enemy, not my friend. That Sim is Wike’s enemy doesn’t make him my friend. Fubara is not different from Wike.

“When they are done fighting, they are coming for you. The fight was just to determine how to share the loot. They are not fighting over anything but rather than to control your commonwealth.

“The entirety of the fight is about how to mortgage your future and how to sell your children and children’s children into slavery. It is about the control of the common purse.

“They have the same people, they were doing it together. You can’t be picking sides with armed robbers who are quarrelling on how to divide the spoils of your home”.

Watch the video below,