Video: Movie producer, Adanmu Luke breaks silence, says it feels like a dream

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In a video she shared on her Instagram account, movie producer Adanmu Luke revealed that the boat accident that took the lives of Junior Pope and other crew members still feels like a dream to her.

She added that she has been traumatised and has not been able to make any statements because they’ve been trying to recover the body.

She said in parts: “I’ve been so traumatised, this whole thing still feels like a dream to me. I just wish I could wake up from this dream. I’ve not been able to make any statement because we’ve been trying to recover the body. It is so sad that this had to happen on my set. I blame myself for coming down to Asaba.”

Adanma also said she was supposed to be on the boat with the crew, but when she got there, Emeka informed her of the boat accident.

Captioning the video, Adanma pointed out that the life jacket was free. In the video, she claimed that those who wore life jackets survived, but her production manager said Junior Pope rejected his life jacket because it was dirty.


“Why me Life jacket was free,” she wrote.

Recall that Junior Pope was confirmed dead on Wednesday night after several attempts to resuscitate him failed. The actor, alongside other crew members, drowned in the River Niger area on their way back from the set of a movie produced by Adanma Luke.

See Video below: