Video of Yul Edochie professing his undying love for first wife, May, resurfaces, stirs mixed reactions online

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An old video of Nollywood actor Yul Edochie passionately professing his undying love for his first wife, May, and reflecting on the struggles they encountered before he became famous has gone viral online.

The clip, considered to be dated several years ago, has sparked a flurry of varied emotions online, particularly given the actor’s present married situation.

In the video, a younger Yul Edochie said that he and May had been married for nine years and met in 1998, before he became a household figure.

The actor told talked about May’s important role in his life during their early years, highlighting her constant support despite his less glamorous career moments.

In the old video, Yul stated that he is devoted to maintaining their friendship despite the hardships that celebrity has brought to their relationship.

According to him, he is adamant that his rising celebrity does not eclipse the love they have created.

However, the reappearance of this touching film has elicited a variety of responses from friends and followers.

Many people have pointed out the obvious changes that have transpired after the interview, notably Yul Edochie’s present marital situation.

Netizens’ Responses

quee_nsabin said: “Thank you cutie for posting this. Alot of Bloggers will not let people see the truth. They just want money. May God let your ovulation turn to twins this month in Jesus name. Amen”

micklypain said: “It will never be well with Judy for caging someone husband.this video shows that yul loves May very much”

ine.stimable432 said: “Hmmm. Yul and May still never talk 10 wetin happen. I don’t believe a woman can cage a man.”

cynthia_kelz said: “So what changed? How come he hates her so much now? Ladies, while helping a man, build yourself too. If May wasn’t investing in herself, she would have become a shadow of herself now. Yul and Judith, God will judge you two.”

royal_babies_kiddies_store said: “The way he speaks here is so different 295 from the way he speaks now ..”