VPN by Google One follows Google Podcasts to the afterlife

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Google has recently shut down its podcasting service, and another one will follow it. VPN by Google One will soon say goodbye, and follow Google Podcasts to the afterlife. It will meet plenty of other services there.

VPN by Google is on its way to the afterlife to join Google Podcasts, Hangouts, Google+ & others

Users like to poke fun at Google and use the term ‘Google graveyard’, as Google killed off tons of services thus far. Some of them were truly liked by users, which created this whole shtick with Google graveyard.

As a reminder, Inbox by Google was an especially painful cut for many Google users. Google Podcasts was also a loved service, and despite the fact that Google+ wasn’t used by as many people as Google would have liked, that one also hurt many. Then there’s Hangouts, and so on. There are plenty of services to talk about, and they’re listed here.

Now, it’s worth noting that while the VPN by Google One is going away, the Pixel VPN is here to stay. VPN by Google One will be killed off “in the coming months”, Google did not share the exact time.

As a reminder, VPN by Google One is available on both Android and iOS, as far as mobile platforms are concerned. It is also available to Windows and Mac users. It’s also quite affordable too.

It’s going away because “people simply weren’t using it”

Google told 9to5Google that they’re “discontinuing the VPN feature” because “people simply weren’t using it”. The company also added that this will allow it to “support more in-demand features with Google One”.

Google will provide its current users with third-party alternatives, of course. When it comes to the Pixel VPN, no changes have been announced. It launched with the Pixel 7 in 2022, and Google guaranteed support for 5 years. So no worries on that front.