“Was that slap on the head necessary”- Moment popular robot girl, Jadrolita slaps lady who asked for mone

ai girl slap

Amadou Elizabeth Aminata, often known as Jadrolita, a Nigerian ‘AI’ girl, has sparked humorous comments with her latest video.

The video shows the humorous girl switching from her typical automated speech to Pidgin English when she was requested for money.

In the TikTok video uploaded by @amadou_elizabeth, a lady approached her and begged for money to eat.

Jadrolita, on the other hand, conveyed to the lady in an electronic voice that she did not have any money.

The lady persisted and kept rejecting her, prompting her to switch to pidgin right away.

She gently smacked the lady on the head and advised her to go work if she needed money because the economy was impacting everyone.

She said: “Everywhere hard, Abi Nigeria never hard for your side, no go find work do.”

Netizens took to the comments section to react with many asking if the slap on the lady’s head was necessary.

CutestJeweller said: “Al don dey aggressive the country situation reach your side.”

HOLUWA PELUMI said: “Make u no go find work do werey.”

@blessing reacted: “Abi Nigeria never hard for your side?”

Sefakor Ayettey said: “It is always the switch for me.”

Sall said: “Yes ohhh everywhere hard.”

Queen Y reacted: “Was that slap on the head necessary.”

Ifeoma Igboke said: “The way she stwich to Pidgin.”

Princess reacted: “Was the slap necessary.”