‘We Are A Wounded People’ – Obidients Create Harmonization Committee Ahead Of 2027 Elections

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The Obidient movement, comprising supporters of former Anambra governor, Peter Obi, has formed a harmonization committee as part of their strategy to solidify gains and prepare for a more impactful presence in the 2027 presidential elections.

Naijaonpoint had earlier reported that Labour Party announced the creation of a directorate dedicated to the ‘Obidient’ movement.

The committee’s focus is on promoting peace, unity, and reconciliation among citizens.

The committee was officially launched over the weekend in Abuja, the capital city of Nigeria, and will include representatives from all six geopolitical zones across the country. This ensures a broad national reach and influence.

The committee comprises members from diverse backgrounds and regions, offering a wide array of perspectives and experiences.

The chairman of the committee, Comrade Joseph Enan Maigari, stressed the vital nature of its mission, emphasizing that Nigeria has been deeply affected by the failures of leadership in both the past and present.

He acknowledged the delicate nature of the committee’s task and its potential to influence the nation’s future significantly.

Maigari also highlighted the importance of forgiveness and reconciliation, stating that the committee’s efforts are intended to benefit all Nigerians, not just its members.

He called upon Nigerians from every sector of society to rally behind the committee’s mission, stressing that the nation’s liberty and fairness hinge on it.

Maigari said, “We are a wounded people because of the failure of the past and present leadership, no matter on which side we stood. We all stand in need of healing. We on the team are no superhuman exceptions. We too need forgiving and to forgive ourselves in order to be able to wrestle the oppressors holding this country captive since 1960.

“Everyone is aware that we have been assigned a delicate task whose execution, success or otherwise, will have critical and far-reaching consequences for our land and nation in the coming years.

“We will be engaging in what should be a corporate nationwide process of healing through contrition and forgiveness. To be able to forgive one needs to know whom one is forgiving and why. That is why the truth is so central to this whole exercise.

“But we will be engaging in something that is ultimately deeply spiritual, deeply personal. That is why I have been appealing to all our people – this is not something just for the committee or team alone. We are in it, all of us together, Muslim and Christian, North and South, we this rainbow people of God.

“The miracle must endure. Freedom and justice must become realities for all our people and we have the privilege of helping to heal the hurts of the past, to transcend the alienations and the hostilities of that past so that we can close the door on that past and concentrate in the present and our glorious future.”