“We must all have something to offer; economy is hard” – Uriel Oputa schools potential ‘chykers’


Uriel Oputa, a reality TV personality, has sent an update to her prospective toasters during Nigeria’s current economic turmoil.

On her Instagram story, the BBNaija star urged potential future toasters not to approach her with the pickup line that they have nothing to contribute monetarily.

She argues that this type of behavior will make it hard for her to concentrate throughout the talk.

Given the state of the economy, she believes that everyone should have something to offer one another.

Her words: “If you’re going to start Toasting me With “I don’t have much to offer you financially..” It’s going to be hard for me to really focus on the chat.
This economy is hard. We must all have
something to offer each other.”


See netizens reactions below:

sisi_painter87 wrote: “She said what she said. These days it’s the fact that most of them can’t even proffer solution. Instead all I hear is “a whole Sisi painter” “ you are a big woman nau”

vasco_jiggyboy asked: “So my love and honesty nor reach?😂😂 spend your money while i spend my own na😭”

iam_nnennao noted: “If you have a problem with her opinion then you’re the one lying to yourself.”

xaivierr__ said: “Lol no be lie. If you no get money this period just respect yourself o. Just like me now I just Dey mind my business since 😂😂😂”