“We need to throw Nigeria into the ocean” – Nigerian writer Jade Osiberu

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Popular Nollywood screenwriter and director Jadiberu has reacted to a popular statement made by Senator Ali Ndume.

This senator had expressed that Nigerian politicians’ kind of corruption is people-driven, which means that when they steal money, they steal it with the intention to share it with other people.

Reacting to this statement, she revealed that Nigeria as a country should be packed inside Ghana-Mosul and thrown inside the ocean. In her words, she had this to say, just pack the whole country inside Ghana-Mosul and throw it inside the ocean.

Let us recall that Kemi Filani had reported in May of 2024 that Jade had expressed that only a small minority of Nigerian men love women.

She revealed that while a lot of Nigerian men are sexually attracted to women, only a very small minority actually like women.

She, however, did not give any deep insight on why she came to that conclusion.

Alsi recall that controversial twitter personalty Daniel Regha, a few months back, had weighed in on the current economic crisis of Nigeria.

He also went on to slam some specific tribes in Nigeria who were displaying a nonchalant attitude. He stated that if, as a tribe, you are being nonchalant, then you are just as bad as the leaders and the government who you are condemning.