We Will Flush Them Out – Keyamo Reveals Two Type Of Touts Embarrassing Travellers At Airports

Festus Keyamo.webp

Minister of Aviation, Festus Keyamo, has assured travellers that touts at Nigeria’s international airports will be purged.

Naijaonpoint reports that Keyamo made this known while speaking at the Ministerial Sectoral Press Briefings on Monday.

The Minister noted that there are two sets of touts at the international airports, which is causing the country a huge embarrassment to its visitors.

According to Keyamo, there are touts inside the airports and others outside, stressing that the former are more dangerous than the latter and would require the help of armed security operatives to clear them.

Keyamo added that the touts inside the airports are a national embarrassment as they show no respect for their uniforms.

He said, “There are two types of touts at the airports. The official touts and non-official touts. That’s the truth.

“You meet touts outside and inside the airport you meet touts in uniforms, who dip hands into bags, ask for money.

“In many cases, we’ve seen disgraceful videos on social media. Although this is not under us, it’s just our environment but we’ve spoken to the Interior and the National Security Adviser and we’re working jointly on that.

“We may have to present a joint memo very soon to try and reduce the human contact at the airports. All of those agencies should be behind glass doors somewhere.

“They cannot all be seen embarrassing our country. We’re addressing that problem and very soon we’re going to come with a holistic solution.

“For the touts outside, we are asking for back up because FAAN, they don’t carry arms. Some of these boys [touts outside] are armed.

“So we’re trying to call for help from normal security agencies to see how they can cooperate with us to purge them out of the airports.”