WhatsApp Channels to get audio file attachments

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WhatsApp Channels could soon have audio file attachments. It is surprising to note that the instant messaging platform took so long to first add the Voice Note feature, and now audio attachments, to this interesting space designed for broadcasting.

WhatsApp is actively testing the ability to share audio attachments on WhatsApp Channels. The feature essentially allows users to share audio files, and broadcast pre-recorded information.

WhatsApp testing audio file attachments in Channels

WhatsApp Channels has been a surprising addition to the instant messaging platform. While group chats are common, WhatsApp Communities allow users to club several group chats in a single place.

WhatsApp Channels offer one-way communication to a large audience. There’s no group structure and no member restrictions. Simply put, WhatsApp Channels are broadcast channels that allow users to send out communication to their followers.

Earlier this year, WhatsApp unlocked the ability to post voice notes and create polls in Channels. Now the platform is reportedly allowing users to add audio files as attachments inside their Channels.

WhatsApp has allowed sending an audio file in a regular chat or group for quite some time. However, Channels may get the feature soon a beta version of WhatsApp revealed. Android Developer AssembleDebug, managed to activate a hidden feature within WhatsApp, which unlocked the ability to add and share voice files inside Channels.

The new feature for Channels works just like sending an audio file in a regular chat or group. Shared music files are represented by a headphone icon, presumably to differentiate them from regular voice notes, which are denoted by a microphone icon.

Will WhatsApp allow other multimedia content?

WhatsApp Channels offer a pathway to broadcast multimedia content. Hence, it is not clear why the messaging platform didn’t allow multimedia content sharing sooner.

One of WhatsApp’s main rivals, Telegram, has some of the biggest channels in the instant messaging space. Telegram has been allowing most content types in these Channels without restrictions. WhatsApp may soon start allowing audio files.

WhatsApp hasn’t confirmed if users would be able to broadcast other multimedia content such as videos. However, considering the very nature and format of Channels, multimedia broadcasts may arrive sooner rather than later.