WhatsApp is finally rolling out its text formatting feature

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For a while now, we’ve been waiting for WhatsApp to finally roll out its text formatting feature. This feature will give WhatsApp users much more flexibility and control when sending longer or in-depth messages. Well, the day has finally arrived. Text formatting is rolling out to all WhatsApp users starting today.

People typically use WhatsApp for work. This means that there’s always a chance that a message could require some sort of formatting. Whether you’re writing down a list of tasks for your team to do or making text bold to emphasize certain points. Well, this wasn’t a possibility until now.

WhatsApp is finally rolling out text formatting

Talk about a long time coming; we’ve been hearing news about WhatsApp eventually bringing text formatting to the masses for months. A while back, we got information on what sort of formatting tools WhatsApp was planning on bringing. Now, these tools are here.

If you need to jot down lists, there are two bullet point styles that you can use. Starting a new line with the dash (-) will give that line a standard bullet point. If you want a numbered list, simply type the number “1” with a period after it (1.) followed by a space. Each subsequent line you type will show a number.

If you need to put in a Block Quote, just type a less-than symbol (<) when you’re starting a new line. Everything on that line will be in that Block Quote style.

When referring to code within a line, type whatever line you want in between two backticks (`) – not to be confused with an apostrophe (‘). This will put the code inside the classic font and differentiate it from the rest of the text.

If you’re looking to make bold text, put the text in between two asterisks (*). For italic text, put it in between two underscores (_). Adding a strike-through is as easy as putting your text in between two tildes (~). Lastly, if you want to text in monospace, just put your message in between three apostrophes (”’).

Since this is still rolling out, there’s a chance that you won’t have it just yet. Keep a lookout for a new update coming to the app.