WhatsApp reverses this small change that was causing frustration

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WhatsApp has backtracked on a recent change that affected the capitalization of certain indicators within chats. More specifically, the company changed the way “online” and “typing” are shown while you’re chatting with someone. However, the response from users was far from positive.

Within chats, the “online” and “typing” indicators appear under the other party’s name. The privacy settings allow you to hide when you are online if you wish. Normally, both are shown with the first letter in lowercase. However, some users noticed last week that “online” and “typing” now began with a capital letter.

While it seems like a pretty minor change, it was not pleasant for the users who received it. After all, they have been accustomed to seeing these indicators in a certain way for many years. So, even a small change like this can be noticeable and annoying. Even if it’s not the radical UI revamp that the app has been experiencing.

The change in the capitalization of “online” and “typing” was frustrating WhatsApp users

Due to negative user response, WhatsApp rolled back the change that affected the capitalization of “online” and “typing.” Furthermore, a report from The Independent indicates that it was a limited-scope test. That is, it was not a massive change in all WhatsApp accounts, but in a small segment. It wasn’t even a definitive tweak, since the company was willing to back down if the test went wrong, as it did.

Now, those users for whom the “online” and “typing” indicators had changed should have already recovered the previous behavior in their app. It’s noteworthy that these types of indicators usually start in lowercase in multiple messaging apps. For example, popular services such as Messenger or Telegram do it this way. So, while the tweak on WhatsApp seems minor, it was relatively “disruptive” in its own category.

Will the company try a similar change again in the future? Only time will tell. But for now, users can rest assured. Even if it happens, it doesn’t seem like it will be soon.