Which games are the newest Android ‘classics’?

The Google Play Store is known for being one of the most swamped digital marketplaces. The store offers millions of games for players to choose from—but most of them aren’t worth looking into. In fact, Android games are sometimes associated with low-production and microtransaction-happy releases.

That being said, Android users have access to some of the world’s best mobile games. Many hits have come and gone on the platform, from early breakaways like Flappy Bird to more recent breakouts like Slay the Spire. It’s a place where the cream of the crop rises to the top, while lackluster games tend to sink quickly.

Since the launch of the Google Play Store, some titles have also managed to earn designation as a ‘classic’. For example, poker players often rely on mobile apps for a more accessible gaming experience. Whether looking to qualify for their first tournament or simply enjoy a game with friends, poker apps are a top choice for Texas Hold’em fans.

Android users have plenty of options when it comes to finding a classic poker app that suits their needs. Other classics include similarly long-running games like Tetris and Pac-Man, along with card game favorites like solitaire and numbers games like Sudoku. These games have ‘stood the test of time’ for players.

Which other Android games have the potential to do the same? Let’s take a closer look.

Dead Cells (2018)

This classic roguelike game remains one of the highest-rated and most played titles in the genre. Players must navigate a dangerous castle in the hopes of escaping—sounds simple, right? In reality, roguelike games are extremely challenging. Not only are levels procedurally generated (meaning no maps ever repeat), but there’s always the looming threat of permadeath.

Despite the learning curve, Dead Cells remains a favorite for many Android players because of its amazing combat options, customization control setups, and fantastic graphics.

Marvel Snap (2022)

It’s a bit too soon in this game’s lifecycle to predict whether it will hold up as a classic—but this card battle game is off to a great start. Not only is it highly rated by players, but it’s also picked up faster than similar collectible card games. That’s because Marvel Snap offers players a brand-new experience.

Rather than collect cards to battle others (as in Gwent and Hearthstone), players are able to build their decks through other means. That includes purchasing certain packs or even cards. Plus, with a roster of familiar heroes, the barrier to entry is very low for first-time gamers.

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Baba Is You (2019)

If you’ve heard of Baba Is You, you likely either instantly fell in love with the game or are still wondering what the premise is. This puzzle game stands out in terms of its design, gameplay, and overall concept. Players move tiles with words on them in order to help Baba reach a final destination or goal.

Sounds straightforward, right? In reality, this puzzle game quickly gets complex. It was originally released for PC and Nintendo Switch but was ported to mobile devices in 2021. Since then, it’s quietly become one of the most talked-about games offered in the Google Play Store. However, it’s not quite as accessible as the other games listed, which might prevent it from becoming a fully-fledged ‘classic’.

Crossy Road (2014)

A decade after its release, Crossy Road is a bona fide hit for Android players. The premise is straightforward: simply help the chicken cross the road safely. Unsurprisingly, there are a myriad increasing obstacles in the way. This premise isn’t new by any stretch of the imagination, which has helped make this hit a classic.

That being said, the game offers a highly satisfying cubic design. Though this type of isometric design has since become popular, it was an innovative move back in 2014. Since then, the game has offered a few updates; one of them allows players to navigate using the Android bot instead of the standard white chicken.