Which Nigerian Footballers Are Making Waves in the Premier League?

0 Taiwo Awoniyi in action for Nottingham Forest against Chelsea.webp

If you love football, you know that the English Premier League hosts matches that are nothing short of world-class. These performances are delivered by teams who battle it out for the League Cup. 

In these lineups, it is not uncommon to find players of different descent, including Nigerians, who have proven themselves competent. This article will review these players and their impact on the EPL. Read on for more insights. 

Taiwo Awoniyi – Nottingham Forest

Talk about a game-changer! During Awoniyi’s first period in the premier league playing for Nottingham Forest, he scored 10 goals. His prowess on the field played a vital role in ensuring this team, which was avoiding relegation at the time, competed effectively against big England teams. 

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His ability to remain calm under pressure and deliver is undoubtedly his greatest asset. His pinpoint accuracy also rivals his unique skills, making him a formidable player.

Alexander Iwobi – Fulham

Alexander Iwobi, who played as a midfielder for Everton, was key in their battle against relegation. Now, you may be wondering if there is a relegation pattern here. Well, there’s none. Iwobi currently plays for Fulham. He has had 17 appearances in which he has scored thrice.  

Wilfred Ndidi – Leicester City

Leicester have unfortunately faced relegation in the 2023/2024 season but have had Wilfred Ndidi to maintain their dignity. The Nigerian player has displayed prowess in his defensive ability for his team.

The 27-year-old has been part of the starting XI in 17 out of 21 appearances. Assuming the role of a midfielder, Ndidi has scored 7 goals and provided 9 assists during his games. Besides EPL, Ndidi has had quite the streak when playing in the AFCON. This year, however, he couldn’t play due to an injury. 

Frank Onyeka

The 26-year-old Nigerian who plays for Brentford has proven capable of handling his weight on the pitch. His fitness gives him a great advantage in playing defensively. Brentford has managed to compete effectively with even big teams like Liverpool thanks to talent from such disciplined and skilled players. 

Final Thoughts

Nigerians may be well poised to take over the EPL. With stunning players like Wilfred Ndidi, Alexander Iwobi, and Taiwo Awoniyi, they came to shake things up. Their performances have been illustrious, and we expect more action from them.