Why alot of people are not helping others – Brain Jotter reveals

Brain Jotter
  • Nigerian skitmaker Brain Jotter has explained why people often don’t help others despite their desire to do so.
  • The content creator shared on Instagram that many people wish they could help many people.

Brain Jotter, a well-known Nigerian comedian, has offered an explanation for why individuals choose not to help others even when they would like to.

The content creator said that many people hope they can assist a lot of people iin his Instagram story.

But a lot of people’s attitude of entitlement has kept a lot of them from helping a lot of people.

He gave advice to his admirers and followers on how to nurture gratitude.

His words: “Alot of people really wish they can help alot of people, but alot of people’s sense of entitlement has discouraged alot of people from helping alot of people Show more gratitude!!!!!!!”

Reacting to ...…

thechummay said: “If you want to help, help! Stop this Williams Shakespeare poetry!”

ayzne_ stated: “Exactly… we are all in it together”

swan_falfa suggested: “Help without expecting gratitude, don’t let the ungrateful of some people stop you from helping. If it’s really something you love doing you would do it without appreciation”

patrick44340 wrote: “Abeg shut up. Some of u act like multitudes are asking u for help yet some of u don’t even help your own mothers”