Why I Do Not Promote Nudity In My Skits – Layi Wasabi

comedian layi

Isaac Olayiwola, also known as Layi Wasabi, a prominent video producer, has explained why, unlike his peers, he does not encourage nudity in his skits.

During a recent interview with BBC Pidgin, Layi stated why he avoids utilising n3ked ladies in his sketches, stating that the nature of his humour does not require such aspects.

“Di kain skit wey I dey do no need n3ked women but I no go judge anybody. Comedy na wetin you fit do effortlessly,” Layi stated in the interview conducted in Pidgin English.

This approach sets him apart in a business where sensationalism frequently drives viewing.

Layi’s path into content production began in Osogbo, where he experimented in the industry before travelling to Lagos to broaden his reach and advance his profession.

“Wen I bin start my content creation, I bin dey Osogbo and dey waka go Ibadan dat time too. Na wen di content creation really pick na im I move come Lagos to better di hustle,” he recounted, highlighting the strategic move that helped him gain more recognition in the competitive entertainment industry.

Furthermore, the sketch creator provided an intriguing genesis story for his character, ‘Layi,’ which was inspired during his service year at the Ministry of Justice in Ibadan.

He revealed that he created the persona after becoming captivated by the manner and look of certain attorneys he met.

“I notice say e get some kain lawyers wey really pick my interest. You go look dia shoe and dey wonder if na di kain same tin we study,” Layi elaborated.