Why i stopped my wife from working while pregnant – Actor Nosa Rex spills

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Nollywood actor Nosa Rex, also known as Babarex, has revealed what he does when his wife Deborah notifies him that she is pregnant.

The father of three stated that because she was pregnant, he would not allow her to perform any work that would stress her out and even spoiled her in every way he could.

According to Rex, the reason he is usually sensitive and cautious around pregnant ladies is that his mother died two days after delivery.

Speaking about her pregnant journey, the star remarked; “It was amazing. I was so happy. That experience was great. My mum died two days after giving birth to a baby. So I am very emotional when it comes to pregnant women. When my wife told me that she was pregnant with my first child, I was super excited. I did not allow my wife to do anything. I was overprotective and just wanted to pamper her.

My wife would always say that she got the best of me whenever she was pregnant. I could lie down so she could march on my head and didn’t care. I just wanted her to be okay. If she made any sound of discomfort, I was already there to take care of her because I know pregnant women are fragile. So when she told me that she was pregnant, it was a happy moment for me.”

When asked how they met, Rex stated it was through a common acquaintance in 2013, and he discovered Deborah was his biggest admirer.

He shared; “Our love story is quite interesting. I met my wife through our mutual friend. The first time I saw her, I noticed how pretty she was. Then I saw her again. During that time, Blackberry ping was in vogue so I collected her pin and I was chatting with her, and that’s how we started. I met my wife in 2013 and we started talking. What drew me closer to her was the fact that she believed in my hustle. When I met my wife, I wasn’t earning that much as an actor. She just believed that someday, it was going to get better and that there was something about me.

She believed in me. She was my biggest fan. She was always telling me how she watched my movies. She was even the one who opened my Instagram page. She always tells me to post pictures, what to wear, and events to attend. The energy from her was everything. So we started dating in 2013 and got married in 2015.”