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Why I took break from Nollywood – Ella Mensah

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IT has been a while since fans saw Ghanaian actress Ella Mensah grace the screens with her presence.
However, the reason for her absence from the movie scene isn’t what fans might expect.
After a four-year hiatus from acting, Mensah made a significant move – she relocated to the United States.
In a recent interview, Mensah revealed that she now resides in the vibrant city of New York. But that’s not the only change in her life. She has embarked on a new career path as a certified surgical assistant. “Yeah, it’s been four years since I shot any movie. I relocated to the United States. I live in New York City now. I have a second career now, I’m a certified surgical assistant,” she said.
Despite her newfound career and life in the States, Mensah has managed to keep her personal life private, especially her relationship. When asked about her low-key approach to relationships on social media, she explained, “I don’t show my relationship on social media because I’m happy in real life and don’t think I need to prove that to the world.”
When probed about the kind of man she’d like to date, Mensah simply stated, “I’m already in an amazing relationship and my Man is amazing.”
Reflecting on her life since moving to New York, Mensah expressed sheer contentment. “Honestly, life has been amazing since I relocated to the United States. I’m much happier and healthier; my life is great. God has been so good to me,” she shared. “Living here in New York City has been incredible. I had a great life back home, and now I have an amazing life here in New York.”