Why many Nigerian women may not see husband – Reno Omokri

Reno Omokri

According to Nigerian social critic Reno Omokri, if more nations allowed entry without a visa or with a visa upon arrival, there would be a marriage crisis among unmarried women in the nation.

He called the money-loving habits of Nigerian women, particularly those in the south, the “Industrial Money Obtainer culture,” and he attacked them for it.

Omokri brought up the fact that when Nigerian men travel outside and encounter women of different races, they almost ever look at Nigerian women again.

The well-known gospel musician Moses Bliss’ marriage to a Ghanaian woman did not surprise the former presidential adviser, who claimed that “their women tend to be easier to relate with than many Southern Nigerian women.”

Taking to his Twitter (X) account, Omokri noted that “when Southern Nigerian men travel within Africa and outside Africa and encounter beautiful women who are not money conscious, they quickly lose their appetite for Nigerian women.”

He added that “Nigerian men are considered a catch by South African and Kenyan women. We urgently need a cultural reorientation amongst our women. Especially in Southern Nigeria.

“The monetisation of relationships in Southern Nigeria is just too suffocating. I am well-traveled, and I am yet to see the level of commercialisation of romance I have seen in Southern Nigeria. I call it as I see it!”