Wikipedia Android widgets get a much-needed refresh

AH Wikipedia Widgets jpg.webp

A major update overhauls the Wikipedia app for Android. The application widgets left unchanged for years and years have now got a fresh look, as touted by 9to5Google. With its modern design, the new widgets of the app can make the user experience even better. Here’s a brief on all the observed modifications.

Outdated Wikipedia widgets are finally modernized

An improved “Wikipedia search” widget has been introduced via the update. Characterized by a stylish logo on its left side, the widget’s pill-shaped search bar now positions itself on the right edge. This widget comes in 2×1 size; however, it can go up to 5×1 as well. Users have an option to make it compact (almost 1×1) at will, but this can cause little visual bugs.

Simply clicking on this widget via your keyboard will enable a search. Another good thing about this update is the “Wikipedia featured page” widget that shows the title, small description, and picture of a featured article. The height of the widget is adjustable by users, but it doesn’t expand horizontally.

Another noticeable improvement is the provision of light and dark themes for widgets, unlike the previous version, which only provided a light theme. These updates are included in version 2.7.50475-r-2024-03-06, currently being rolled out through the Play Store. Wikipedia also provides a Beta version to those interested in the trial run before the public release.

Wikipedia on Android gets even better with the bottom bar

The app design is still changing with updates like the Material You bottom bar and pill-shaped indicators. The latest Wiki version adds a bit of freshness because it deviates slightly from Google’s app design. The application does not possess Dynamic Color theming, but it has round sheets for link previews and offers a Themed icon to make it look harmonious.

In addition, Wikipedia for Android features a tab switcher UI for article navigation, which brings back memories of Chrome’s classic layout. Web browser enthusiasts will appreciate this nostalgic touch. These upgrades will enhance navigation and accessibility on Android devices to create an interactive and modern environment.