Wizkid is the one that helped Drake – Rapper Reminisce reveals as “One Dance” hits 3billion streams

Reminisce Drake Wizkid
  • Nigerian rapper Reminisce, also known as Reminisce, revealed that Wizkid assisted Drake in the hit song “One Dance” in a social media video.
  • “One Dance” by Drake and Wizkd has become the 7th song on Spotify to have 3 billion views.
  • The song, released in 2016, has consistently generated high replay value, breaking records, and even receiving a Grammy nomination.

In a video that has gone viral on social media, well-known Nigerian rapper Remilekun Abdulkalid Safaru, better known by his stage name Reminisce, revealed that Wizkid helped Drake on the hit song “One Dance.”

Drake and Wizkd’s nostalgic hit “One Dance” has made history by being the seventh song on Spotify to reach three billion views.

The song broke records when it was released in 2016 and has since generated a lot of replay value. It even received a Grammy nomination.

As a result of the song’s popularity, a video featuring rapper Reminisce discussing the “One Dance” song in an interview with Hip TV is now going viral.

Reminisce claimed in the viral throwback video that Wizkid’s incredible lyrics from the song “One Dance” transformed Drake’s musical career.

He pointed out that Wizkid, who was well-known at the time, transformed the narrative surrounding African music with his incredible performance on “One Dance,” which at the time garnered attention throughout the world and put the country’s name on the map.

According to reports, before his 2016 song “One Dance,” which featured Wizkid, Canadian rapper Drake had zero #1 charting hits.

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@bethelblaq: I remember this interview that year.

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