X takes away the ability to hide blue checkmark verification

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X (formerly Twitter) no longer allows users to hide their blue checkmarks, regardless of subscription status. This move has sparked a contentious discussion within the app’s community, especially among those who cherished their anonymity or wanted to uphold fairness.

Removal of checkmark hiding feature on X

This Thursday, app users were surprised with a notification announcing the upcoming removal of the hide your checkmark feature in X Premium. This sudden change comes right after another controversial update, where X started giving blue checkmarks to accounts considered “influential” with at least 2,500 followers, as long as they were premium subscribers.

Although individuals have presented this change as a valuable benefit, not all are rejoicing. Users, including some verified ones, are upset about the sudden blue badge introduction to their profiles. Many fear being seen as subscribing just for the badge, not the premium features.

Transparency and fairness concerns

The recent change in the X community has sparked concerns regarding openness and equity. Formerly, Users can hide checkmarks for privacy reasons, but now they are visible regardless of preferences or subscription status. Additionally, the move sparks debates on social media commercialization and unfair advantages due to premium services.

X has still not given a clear explanation for getting rid of the checkmark hiding feature, despite the initial criticism. It’s uncertain whether this move will drive users away or make the app reconsider its policies. One thing is clear, the debate on the significance of verification badges in shaping online identity & status is far from settled.

In general, the divisive move by X to eliminate the checkmark hiding option has sparked a heated discussion among users. This action has stirred up worries regarding privacy, fairness, and transparency in the app’s community. The true impact of this decision on user engagement and the overall user experience on X remains to be seen.