Xiaomi 14 Ultra teardown has surfaced following its global launch

Global Xiaomi 14 Ultra featured jpg.webp

The highly anticipated Xiaomi 14 Ultra has made its global debut at MWC 2024 in Barcelona, where all major details about the device are now official. Just after its official global announcement, a white Chinese model of the Xiaomi 14 Ultra has already been dissected and analyzed in a comprehensive teardown video posted on the WekiHome YouTube channel.

In the teardown video reveals the individual components and highlights key upgrades compared to its predecessor, the Xiaomi 13 Ultra. Notable improvements include the replacement of components such as the Sony Lytia LYT-900 sensor, featuring a step-less variable aperture, which enhances the camera capabilities of the device.

The video showcases the camera components in detail, accompanied by sample photos taken with the new Leica camera. Additionally, the updated photography kit now doubles as a charger and boasts more hardware buttons than its predecessor.

Xiaomi has improved the long-range zoom on the Xiaomi 14 Ultra

Comparative photos demonstrate the advancements in long-range zoom shots achieved by the “Ultra-Zoom” feature from ASIP, further emphasizing the enhanced photography capabilities of the Xiaomi 14 Ultra.

Following the component examination, the video proceeds to conduct a battery charging test, revealing that the device’s 5300 mAh battery can recharge at a maximum of 73.6 watts via USB-C, achieving a full charge in just 41 minutes. Display measurements indicate impressive brightness levels, with the AMOLED display reaching up to 1045 nits in full-screen mode.

Performance tests of the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 powered flagship, particularly in gaming scenarios, demonstrate that the Xiaomi 14 Ultra maintains temperature and power consumption within acceptable limits across most games. However, Genshin Impact proves to be a more demanding challenge in certain instances.

The video also shows the reassembly process of the Xiaomi 14 Ultra, providing a glimpse into the process of putting together the device after the thorough teardown and testing procedures or a repair.

Overall, the teardown and testing video offers an insightful preview of the Xiaomi 14 Ultra’s features and performance, building anticipation for its official global launch at the Mobile World Congress 2024.