You can now set Microsoft Copilot as your default Android assistant

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A recent update to the Microsoft Copilot app for Android has positioned it as a contender to replace Google Assistant or Bixby as the default digital assistant on Android devices. This beta update, marked as version 27.9.420225014, allows users to set Copilot as their default assistant app. With this change, users can launch Copilot from any screen by swiping diagonally from the corner or long-pressing the power button, the same as the way they launch Google Assistant.

Microsoft Copilot now joins virtual assistants like Google Assistant and Bixby on Android

This development marks a significant expansion in the options available to Android users for their digital assistants. For example, previously users had the choice between Google Assistant and Bixby on Samsung devices, with additional options like Amazon or DuckDuckGo.

Notably, Google has also introduced Gemini, its AI-driven assistant, as a replacement for Google Assistant. However, until now, Microsoft Copilot was notably absent from the list of available digital assistants on Android devices.

Microsoft Copilot, powered by OpenAI’s GPT-4 LLM and featuring an image generation tool fueled by DALL-E, offers users a comprehensive AI experience. The inclusion of Copilot in the list of available digital assistants on Android phones signals Microsoft’s commitment to reaching more users with its AI.

However, Microsoft Copilot is not taking the full advantage of this addition as of now

While the ability to set Copilot as the default assistant app is a significant step forward, there are some limitations to its current implementation. For example, invoking Copilot currently launches the main activity of the app instead of presenting users with a small overlayed box with a chat function, as seen with other assistant apps. Additionally, Copilot does not automatically listen for input or utilize APIs to grab screenshots of on-screen content as of now.

However, these shortcomings could be addressed in future updates, as Microsoft continues to refine and improve the Copilot experience. Overall, the introduction of Copilot as a default assistant app for Android devices offers users more flexibility and choice in how they interact with their devices.