You can now try Galaxy AI on your phone via Try Galaxy app

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Samsung has made significant enhancements to its Try Galaxy app. According to the blog post, the app gives Android users the opportunity to experience the AI features on their devices. The updated app now simulates the user interface of the Samsung Galaxy S24 series released earlier this year.

Samsung says users can learn about and try out five new AI-powered features available on the Galaxy S24 through interactive tutorials and demo videos displayed as widgets on the virtual home screen. These features include Live Translate for communication, Note Assist for summaries, Circle to Search with Google for visually searching anything.

Samsung’s Try Galaxy app is available on all Android devices

According to Samsung, Live Translate enables real-time translation of conversations and text between two parties speaking different languages. Note Assist uses AI to analyze long notes and automatically bullet or highlight key points for a quick review. Chat Assist ensures messages have the right tone, whether for work or personal conversations.

Photo Assist introduces new ways to enhance photos using generative AI. Things like resizing or removing objects and removing unwanted reflections. Circle to Search builds on Google’s capabilities. It allows users to visually search for anything on the phone screen with a circular gesture without leaving the app.

In addition to highlighting these new AI features, the Try Galaxy app provides a look at the Galaxy S24’s camera system. Demo videos shot from a photographer’s perspective showcase the new features. Samsung offers Nightography Zoom for high-quality long-distance shots in the dark, Super Steady stabilization for action videos, and enhanced Portrait mode for selfies and portraits.

“Previously tailored to iOS users, the Try Galaxy app is now available on all Android devices including Galaxy models for the first time,” Samsung wrote. “This means more users can explore the latest features of the Galaxy S24 series and One UI 6.1.”