“You changed my life completely” – Sophia Momodu pens heartfelt letter to Imade Adeleke in honor of Children’s Day celebration

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The spirit of Children’s Day celebration is in the air, and Sophia Momodu had a list of flowery words for her daughter.

Sophia Momodu started out by telling Imade that she’s very special to her, and that she changed her life completely when she made her a mother.

As the video progressed, Sophia Momodu gushed over Imade, telling her how much she loves her, and her curiosity towards learning stories in the Bible.

She concluded her letter by saying a prayer for Imade, praying over her life and well-being in general.

Imade took it up from her mother, sharing that she loves her mother, regardless of the fact that she’s strict on her sometimes, making her do her homework and study mathematics.

The entire exchange between Sophia Momodu and her daughter Imade was cute to watch, and it showed that there’s a strong bond between them.

Sophia Momodu spends a lot of time with her daughter Imade, and she often posts her on social media.

Imade’s last birthday celebration was thrown by Sophia Momodu, and it was a huge affair, which made netizens send accolades to her.

Some watchful netizens took note of the fact that Davido was not in attendance, which raised a lot of speculation as to why the singer wasn’t present.

On the day of Imade’s birthday, Davido wrote a cute note to her, making it to Moses to be there for her.

In the past, Davido was often in attendance at many of Imade’s birthday celebrations, despite the fact that he wasn’t even with Sophia Momodu.

Also, Davido often traveled with Imade, even to his shows in different countries, as they tightened their father/daughter bond.

While there may be complaints about Davido not spending time with Imade, the same can’t be said with his wife Chioma, as they have been spotted hanging out together a lot lately.

Just a month ago, Davido took his wife Chioma to Jamaica for her birthday celebration, and recently, they were spotted hanging out together again.