“You don’t need plenty editing” – Regina Daniels new photos sparks reactions online

Regina Daniels
  • Regina Daniels, a renowned Nollywood star, gained significant online attention after releasing some stunning photos of herself.
  • A mother of two shared photos on her Instagram page, wearing native attire and striking various poses.

Regina Daniels, a Nollywood celebrity, created a buzz online after sharing some exquisite photos of herself.

The mother of two took to her Instagram page a few hours ago and posted the photos, dressed in well-fitted native clothes and striking various positions.

She referred to herself as a phenomenal woman in the slides’ captions.

In her words:

“A Phenomenal Lady✨👑🤍💚”

The photos elicited a wide range of responses from netizens, including those who praised her beauty and those who complained that they were unduly altered.

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In other news, Regina Daniels wowed followers with her incredible array of expensive cars on social media.

The Nollywood actress turned to Instagram to provide an insight into her affluent lifestyle, including a photo of her garage, which is loaded with exotic cars.

The impressive show included a variety of high-end vehicles, leaving spectators in awe of Regina Daniels’ car collection.

The movie diva boldly posed amid her sleek and stylish cars, daring fans to guess which one she chose for her outing.

Regina Daniels, eager to engage her audience, captioned the shot with a funny message.

“Guess the ride I went out with 😉. First person to answer correctly gets 50,000 Naira 😁,” Regina Daniels wrote.

Regina Daniels began creating movies at the age of seven, and her mother (Rita Daniels) is an actor. She received help from her mother and siblings. Her debut film, Marriage of Sorrow, earned her 10,000 Nigerian Naira.

Regina appeared in the Nollywood film “Miracle Child” in 2010. Regina Daniels has appeared in two comedic skits on Ofego’s YouTube channel, both of which used old material.

In January 2019, Regina Daniels was named Atiku Abubakar’s Youth Campaign Coordinator. Regina Daniels launched a magazine named for herself at an Abuja hotel in February of 2020.