“You should be in jail” – Don Jazzy reacts to a viral video of a South African woman who falsely accused her Nigerian boyfriend of r@pe

Don Jazzy
  • Don Jazzy, a renowned Nigerian music mogul, has publicly reacted to a South African woman’s false accusation of her Nigerian man of r@pe.
  • A South African woman claims she falsely accused her first child’s father of rape due to taboo marriage to a Nigerian, as revealed in a recent podcast interview.
  • The lady reported that a Nigerian man was sentenced to a year in prison until she gave birth due to false accusations.

Renowned Nigerian music producer Don Jazzy has reacted on social media to the viral video of a South African woman who falsely accused her Nigerian boyfriend of r@pe.

The South African woman claims in a recent podcast interview that because it is forbidden to marry a Nigerian, she falsely accused the man, who also happens to be the father of her first kid, of rape.

The woman went on to say that the Nigerian man was imprisoned for a year till she gave birth as a result of the false accusation.

The woman said, the Nigerian man would have been sentenced to life imprisonment if not for the fact that she later went to the police where she said that that he is the father of her child and they did paternity test and was later confirmed.

She said that after the traumatised Nigerian man was freed, he was moved to Europe and then London.

She claimed that although she is married to another man at this time, she always informs him that her first child’s father has passed away.

She mentioned that the Nigerian guy had been attempting to get in touch with her by wishing her a happy birthday and a happy new year, but she had chosen to ignore him.

Going on, the woman added that the Nigerian man had contacted her after her husband’s death, but he had acknowledged that she was still in a grieving state.

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Don Jazzy and other Nigerians flocked to the comment section to express their disapproval of the South African woman’s .

Don Jazzy believes the South African woman ought to be imprisoned for fabricating a rape accusation against the Nigerian man.

He wrote; “If you accuse an innocent person of rape, cursed be you. You should be in jail.”

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@ta0feeq: No matter what you do, do not marry a single mom as a man who have no kids, most of them are damaged because of what happened in their past relationships that led to the unwanted pregnancy, most of them all they want is financial help so their kids will be okay.. they don’t really love you.

@_emekanwokoch:Nigerian women have got to be the most moral in the world .

@ceonightbir: These are the ppl Nigerian men hold in high esteem while they bash their own anyhow……

@mide.ff: find her handle and make her dad public apologize, your family messed with the wrong country.

@mheenarh__: Nothing p@ins me more than the fact that a lady will wr0ngfully accuse a guy of r@pe and she’d still go scot free.

@pj.stars: The fact that she had to talk down generally on Nigerian men to actually justify her silly reasons for such ogle act, says so much about how sickening the entire SA community is. An innocent man just went through hell all because of xenophobe llergy.