“You want to destroy yourself” – Angel Unigwe faces criticisms online for sharing explicit photos

Angel Unigwe
  • Nollywood actress Angel Unigwe has faced criticism from her fans for sharing explicit photos of herself on Instagram.
  • The actress in a skimpy bikini was photographed without any caption, only a snail emoji.
  • Many individuals criticized Unigwe for posting offensive photos on social media, causing a negative reaction from many individuals.

Some of Angel Unigwe’s fans have taken offence at the Nollywood actress for posting some explicit photos of herself on Instagram.

The actress is shown in the revealing bikini photos, which were shared with just the snail emoji for a caption.

A lot of people responded badly to ..., criticising Unigwe for sharing such derogatory pictures on social media.

Some told her to quit posting these explicit photos, but others warned her that it would ruin her career in the long run.

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One of the comments made above advised Unigwe to be more careful and thoughtful about what she posts on social media because it can damage her reputation.

One other person said that the actress was a bad role model for youth and that Nollywood actresses before her had never used similar attention-grabbing methods.

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