You'll love these mint-inspired Pixel wallpapers!

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Google is always providing new wallpapers for its Pixel phones and other Android phones. The company released its mint-colored Pixel 8 not too long ago. Well, to go along with this new handset Google, released some mint-inspired Pixel wallpapers. What’s neat about them is that you can use them on your phone even if it’s not a Pixel phone.

Blue seems to be a pretty important color for Google at the moment. The Bay Blue colored Pixel 8 Pro is one of the most beautiful phones launched in the past couple of months. Also, it appears that the base Google Pixel 9 will also share the Bay Blue color. Lastly, Google released the mint-colored Pixel 8, which has a nice bluish-green tone to it.

Google released some mint-inspired Pixel wallpapers

These wallpapers were taken by Selim Cinek, a senior staff software engineer with more than 10 years of experience on the Android SystemUI team. Keeping with the theme of Google’s mint aesthetic, he has taken some extremely beautiful images of nature’s own mint colors aesthetic. These are both aerial shots.

The first shot was captured with a drone, and it is titled “Sandy Walkway.” This shot shows a location in the Maldives. It depicts a small section of an island surrounded by turquoise water. This is a great picture to have if you love the sight of sand and water.

Keeping with the same theme, the second picture shows a spot on the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. You get a pleasing mixture of trees, huts, wooden walkways, swimmers, and canoes. Keeping with the mint aesthetic, the water is a pleasing bluish-green color.

You can see the images below, but if you want to see the full-resolution versions, you can go to the official site. These pictures are not exclusively for Pixel devices. You can simply download them to your phone and set the measure wallpaper.