You'll soon be able to hide all backed-up memes in Google Photos

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Google Photos could soon roll out a new feature that lets you hide all backed-up GIFs and memes from other apps to declutter the app’s main view. Google Photos is one of the top photo storage apps, thanks to several useful features. However, like any Android app out there, there’s room for improvement in this one too. And, it looks like Google is aware of it and making important changes that could soon come your way.

Google Photos’ new feature will let users have more control over backed-up photos

Android Authority reports that the Google Photos app will soon let users have more control over what they see in the main Photos feed. The Google Photos’ upcoming feature will hide some of the backed-up photos from different apps to give you a clear view of the app’s main feed.

At present, the Google Photos app shows all the photos stored in the DCIM folder of your device’s storage. This folder usually features photos that you capture using your phone’s camera. However, it often mixes up with photos backed up from WhatsApp and other apps. Eventually, ends up cluttering the Google Photos app’s primary screen. But this will change soon.

Last month, AssembleDebug reported this feature was in the works. However, Android Authority now reports that AssembleDebug spotted this feature in Google Photos, version 6.813. The publication also shared some screenshots to showcase how the new Google Photos feature would hide backed-up memes and GIFs in the future.

Users can choose from four different options to customize what they see in the app’s main view

There’s a new section called “Photos view” in the app’s settings. You will be able to choose from four options to ensure how backed-up photos are displayed in the app’s main Photos view. These options are – “Show all,” “Hide clutter,” “Show none,” and “Custom.”

Upon selection, the “Show all” option will display all backed-up photos in the main Photos view. This includes all those images backed up from other apps too. Secondly, choosing the “Hide clutter” option will hide low-priority photos like GIFs and memes from the Google Photos main feed.

The “Show none” option won’t show any of the backed-up photos in the app’s main view. However, you can always access it from somewhere else within the app. Lastly, the “Custom” option allows choosing apps from which you want photos to be visible in the main Photos view.

It is worth noting that the “Custom” option is currently available for WhatsApp only. Hopefully, other apps will also be supported down the line. Let’s not forget that the backed-up photos are clearly tagged. And, it will make it easy for users to identify and manage them in secondary devices.

All in all, Google Photos users will cherish the new feature that offers them more control over backed-up images and ways to hide content that could clutter the main Photos view.