Your Google Keep reminders may soon be available in Tasks

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Google Tasks could soon create reminders for you in Google Keep. This would allow all reminders created through the company’s services to be available in one place.

Currently, Tasks is Google’s main app for setting reminders. Not only that, but Tasks saves and syncs your reminders from other company services. For example, if you create a reminder from Assistant, it will be available in Tasks. The same goes for Calendar and other Google apps that allow you to set reminders.

On the other hand, Google Keep is a note-taking app, but it also allows you to set reminders in a simple way. You just have to create a quick note and add a date and time when you want to receive a notice or notification. However, unlike other Google services, reminders created in Keep are not imported into Tasks. But that would be about to change.

Google Tasks could soon import your Google Keep reminders

The 9to5Google team discovered something interesting in a deep-dive APK made to the latest Google Tasks app update (2024.04.08.624881071.1). Apparently, Google is working on integrating Google Keep reminders with Tasks. This means that reminders would automatically be added to Tasks once you create them in Keep.

Findings include strings mentioning, “Your reminders from Google Keep (%s) have been added to your tasks.” It also seems that there will be an option that will allow you to open the note, which includes a reminder directly from Tasks.

For now, there are only strings that refer to the integration. It is not yet known when Google will begin rolling out the feature. However, it appears to be in the early stages of development, so you may have to wait a few months.

The integration between the reminders of both services is excellent news. It also shouldn’t impact the way you use Keep reminders in any way. The change will simply allow you to access all your reminders created across all of the company’s services from Tasks. Many people turn to Keep to set reminders due to its ease of use. So, it was a matter of time before this happened.