You're finally able to bookmark posts on Threads

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Meta’s Threads is a pretty weird social media platform. It’s extremely popular, but it launched without many of the most basic social media features. The company still working on bringing a DM system, and it lacked the ability to insert GIFs, use hashtags, or view posts in a chronological feed at launch. However, Threads is getting new features, and the company just announced that the ability to bookmark posts is on its way.

Right now, Threads is working on two additional features. The first feature is the ability to save post drafts. This will allow you to start a post, save it, and finish it at a different time. The other feature is a dedicated camera that you can access with any app. This will let you quickly take a picture to upload to the platform without having to go to other apps. At this point, we’re not entirely sure when these features will roll out. However, based on the screenshots that were shared on social media, the features look to be pretty far in production.

Threads is getting the ability to bookmark posts

Sometimes, when you’re on social media, you have to save posts for later. Maybe you want to view it again at a later point or show it off to a friend. However, when it comes to social media fees, nothing is forever. It’s extremely easy for a post to get washed away in the stream. It’s very possible that you won’t be able to see certain posts ever again.

This is where bookmarks come in. When you bookmark a post, it gets saved to a separate list that you can access again. You are able to bookmark posts on Instagram, and that is an extremely useful feature, as Instagram’s main feed has the bad habit of randomly refreshing even while you’re still viewing posts. So, whatever post you’re looking at could be swept away at any moment.

Well, according to a new report, Threads is currently rolling out the ability to bookmark posts. In order to bookmark a post, all you have to do is tap on the three-dot menu next to a post and tap on the  Save button. It should be the top option.

In order to access your saved posts, go to your profile by tapping on your profile picture at the bottom left of your screen. On your profile screen tap on the hamburger-style menu right above your profile picture. On the resulting screen, tap on the Saved button, and you will see a list of your saved posts.