YouTube Music 'Now Playing' Android design hits the web

The web player for YouTube Music is getting a redesign to make it look exactly as it does on Android. This is the sort of design parity that’s come to be expected of Google. Even if not right away, at some point Google usually brings things together so the designs match as much as they can.

For YouTube Music, the redesign should be rolling out to the web player to match the looks of what you see on Android. The most notable change users will see is the larger play button that sits smack dab in the middle of the user interface now, just below the album artwork that’s also now larger.

This is as opposed to the play bar that sat at the bottom where the playback controls used to be. The shift moves the playback controls to just under the album artwork and then puts the tabs for lyrics, related, and up next below those controls. This gives things a more streamlined look and also declutters the user interface a bit. Having said that it does remove a few things. Like the cast button. This feature isn’t gone. However, it’s no longer on the now-playing page. That being said, things are simpler to use.

The timeline scrubber is way easier to click on now because it’s bigger.

The YouTube Music web player redesign is still rolling out

While some users already see the redesign in their own browsers, it’s not fully released. Google has been pushing it out to users over the past few weeks according to 9To5Google. So there’s definitely a chance you’ll see it if you load up the player in your own browser.

However, we couldn’t replicate it in our own browsers. So the rollout doesn’t appear to be complete just yet. That may be a good thing or a bad thing for you depending on how you feel about the new design. Either way, keep an eye out for the change if you use YouTube Music on the web. This change to the visuals follows the rollout of the web app that Google started pushing out around February 27. This was about a week before rumors of a downloadable web app surfaced.

YouTube Music Web Player RedesignYouTube Music Web Player Redesign