YouTube’s picture-in-picture feature could soon be available for free globally

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YouTube’s picture-in-picture mode was released in 2017 when Google introduced the Android Oreo version. At the time, the PIP feature was available for just those with a subscription to the YouTube Red premium service. However, in 2022, the company started allowing free users to access the PIP feature, but only in the US.

But this could be changing soon as multiple Redditors across Europe without YouTube premium subscriptions can access the PIP mode for free.

YouTube’s picture-in-picture mode is reportedly available for some users for free in Europe

Multiple Reddit users have reported that they can access YouTube’s picture-in-picture mode for free without a premium subscription to the service. Multiple Reddit threads are talking about the availability of the PIP mode for free on non-premium accounts. YouTube may be currently testing the free feature only in European countries like Germany and Romania.

It’s worth noting that Redditors who have access to YouTube’s picture-in-picture feature for free can’t play every video in this mode. One user wrote that some of the restricted videos open in the PIP mode, but the app closes and stops the video.

Another user claims that in addition to music videos, free users can’t play some videos that have copyrighted content. There’s a possibility that most of the videos will be accessible in the PIP mode after the testing period is over.

Support pages continue to mention that PIP mode still requires a premium subscription outside the US

Notably, the YouTube support pages continue to mention that picture-in-picture mode still requires a premium subscription outside the USA. In addition, YouTube’s account on X also said that premium subscriptions are required to access PIP outside the US.

So, it’s advisable to take this news with some skepticism. It could be an error from YouTube’s side to offer free PIP mode to the non-premium users in Europe. We hope it’s not an error and the feature will be available for free across the globe in the future.