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Star Trek: What Happened To Dr. Phlox After Enterprise?

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After the end of “Enterprise,” Phlox’s story continues in the Enterprise novels and other “Star Trek” franchise media. The Pocket Books novel series “Star Trek: Enterprise: Rise of the Federation” chronicles the Federation’s early days including the NX-01 crew’s experiences during this period. The first novel in the series, “A Choice of Futures,” follows Phlox as he serves on the USS Endeavour under T’Pol’s command along with his former crewmates Hoshi Sato and Elizabeth Cutler. While serving aboard the Endeavour, Phlox sees his daughter wed to an Antaran and gets involved in a couple of high-profile death investigations — one with the Klingon chancellor and another involving Phlox’s prodigal son, Mettus (“Rise of the Federation: A Choice of Empires”). After Mettus’ Antaranist bigotry lands him in prison, Phlox visits him and the two eventually reconcile.

As depicted in the “Star Trek” comic “Flesh and Stone,” Phlox eventually takes up a job teaching at Starfleet Academy where he teaches during the 2250s before leaving his post in the 2260s to travel. Phlox’s travels then have him working on the Epsilon Zeta VII outpost, where he assists Dr. McCoy with a 2269 medical crisis while serving as colony physician. Together, they thwart a plot involving a deadly virus from an expansionist Tholian splinter group.