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A Huge Denzel Washington Flop Is Getting A Second Life On Netflix

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On paper, “The Little Things” is the perfect mid-budget film that’s supposed to capture an adult audience. The picture follows detectives Deacon and Jim (Rami Malek) in ’90s-era Los Angeles as they investigate grizzly murders. Things get complicated when they believe the strange Albert (Jared Leto) is responsible for the deaths. Despite an all-star cast filled with Oscar winners, “The Little Things” didn’t have the opportunity to shine in multiplexes. The flick was part of Warner Bros.’ poorly received 2021 initiative to boost subscribers for Max (formerly, HBO Max), the studio’s streaming service. 

“The Little Things” was released on Max and theaters on the same day, with viewers able to watch the film on the streaming service for one month. With the flop easily accessible with a subscription, everyone decided to watch Washington’s psychological thriller at home. But seeing as the film received a tepid reception from critics, it’s hard to imagine “The Little Things” grossing more than $30-$45 million domestically if it received an exclusive theatrical release. Stateside, the film only made $15 million thanks to its muted run.  

While “The Little Things” stands out as one of Washington’s worst roles, it’s great that it’s receiving a second life. The large viewership clearly shows that audiences are eager for mature, inexpensive fare that prioritizes star power and narrative over spectacle, even if the final result isn’t perfect.