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AI Creates A Spider-Man Series Set In The '60s – The Results Are Far Out

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To be fair, getting a live-action “Spider-Man” story set in an earlier decade sounds like a real good time. And with a live-action “Spider-Man: Noir” series in the works, maybe Sony is starting to think so as well — come on, Peter Parker punching Nazis and prohibition gangsters with a Great Depression backdrop, what’s not to love?

It would be nice to see everyone’s favorite wallcrawler also go back to his ’60s roots. Marvel’s flagship hero fighting and swinging around in his original suit, surrounded by vintage New York architecture, and going against some of his simpler foes (not everything needs to be related to the Multiverse, you know) could make for a terrific project. And, of course, as the “Spider-Verse” franchise has taught us, viewers don’t need every superhero project to be live-action; sometimes, animation is king. Another animated “Spider-Man” series — maybe one just a tad bit less hokey — that follows Peter Parker’s first days as New York City’s most hated superhero set in the ’60s could lead to an amazing viewer experience. What kind of Marvel fan wouldn’t want to see Steve Ditko-inspired art paired up with modern-day streaming animation?