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Amazon's Super-Violent Fallout Series Is Apparently Really Popular With … Moms?

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The easiest explanation for why “Fallout” has caught on with mothers who knew nothing of the property beforehand is that it offers an opportunity for them to connect with their children in a more accessible manner. Watching someone play a video game for 40+ hours may not sound enticing, but watching eight episodes with someone is far more manageable. It’s led to some touching moments — @bredlord1 described, “My mom is watching the fallout show and I couldn’t be happier. … This is the closest thing I’ve gotten to her taking interest in my life obsession.” That’s what it probably comes down to: Parents want to connect with their kids, and the show allows that chance. 

This isn’t the first time a television adaptation of a video game has allowed families to connect. Redditor u/Launch-Pad_McQuack shared this about their mom and the TV series “The Last of Us”: “She’s normally not a fan of shows that are dark and gritty, so I didn’t expect her to like The Last Of Us. But to my surprise, she loves it!” The same logic could apply to “Fallout”; it may be dark and violent, but it’s good enough for some moms to overlook those qualities to better understand something their kids love. 

And for those (now grown) children, it’s a chance to teach their parents about something. X user @thealazay shared, “Being able to share my love of Fallout with my mom is like getting to be her little girl again, with her falling asleep to me rambling about everything I know.”

“Fallout” needs a Season 2 to pay off that huge tease in the finale. However, it also needs a Season 2 so that families can continue having quality bonding time.