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An Underrated 2014 Dylan O'Brien Action Movie Is Blowing Up On Netflix Right Now

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“The Maze Runner” boasts a 65% score on Rotten Tomatoes, with critics praising the film’s willingness to explore darker ideas than other YA sci-fi movies. Furthermore, some genre fans believe it’s better than likeminded films that enjoyed more success.

According to Redditor u/topinsight_SS, “Maze Runner” is better than “The Hunger Games” as the story is more original. The forum user believes the latter flick is just a “Battle Royale” knockoff, and its sequels are meaningless attempts to milk a popular intellectual property. Other fans have praised the story, as it’s a tale that kept them guessing. “The first one was great; there was a real sense of mystery around it. It was intense and had pretty interesting characters,” Reddit user u/FettuccineAlfredooo wrote.

Elsewhere, u/Turnover_Available hailed the first Maze Runner as an almost-perfect movie for its genre. “It was one of the best mystery/teen dystopia movies I have ever watched. The music, the atmosphere, the flashbacks that give you so many questions, but, at the same time, give you some answers at the end of the movie. Honestly, a 9/10, in my opinion.” That’s some high praise that should encourage more people to check out the film on Netflix.

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