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Bones Almost Didn't Star David Boreanaz & Emily Deschanel – But They Saved Each Other

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David Boreanaz discussed Booth and Bones’ relationship in a February 2017 BUILD series interview. He stated that he and Emily Deschanel knew the show relied upon the characters’ interactions. 

The “Angel” actor also stated he enjoyed sharing scenes with Deschanel. He explained that he and Deschanel would privately go over their lines with an acting coach, and during those sessions, he and Deschanel were at their most vulnerable, giving more depth to their characters. “[I was] blessed to have a co-star who was able to want to do that and also someone who was there with each other through times of grief or whatever,” said the star. “Because things happen. And you do things in a way that with the characters, you are there for each other. So you know what’s going on in her mind. And she does in your mind, but the audience doesn’t know. Which makes for a really great chemistry, connection.”

Boreanaz also shared that he missed acting as Deschanel’s onscreen husband.