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Chicago Fire Season 12 Drops Worrying Update About The Fate Of Taylor Kinney's Severide

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Kelly Severide’s impending disappearance is concerning, especially since it seems to be connected to a crime. Even so, there’s some reason to believe that the character will at the very least survive the season, and quite possibly be a part of “Chicago Fire” going forward, as well. In an earlier interview with Parade, Andrea Newman indicated that Severide’s Season 12, Episode 11 disappearance is part of a major mystery rather than yet another goodbye. 

“Severide is here to stay this season, and he and Kidd will have all new dynamics to explore, as they end up joining forces on an arson case and find themselves at odds over a mysterious new floater on Truck 81,” Newman said. “But the real shock comes when Severide suddenly goes missing in 1211, along with one of the rigs, both disappearing while on shift in the dead of night.”

Taylor Kinney left “Chicago Fire” in Season 11 to deal with a personal situation. Though the absence was never intended to be permanent, enough actors have left the “One Chicago” franchise for various reasons that fans had reason to be wary. Besides, even if Severide does survive whatever ordeal awaits him, there’s still plenty of tension regarding his future with Kidd.