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Dev Patel's Gross Monkey Man Injury Made One Body Part Look 'Like An Elephant's Foot'

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Every year, countless action movies make it to the silver screen to entertain the masses. From the Marvel Cinematic Universe to the occasionally questionable “John Wick” movies, there are all kinds of action films and action stars for audiences to get behind. Sadly, this means that it can be difficult for newcomers on the scene to make a lasting impression, so Dev Patel made it a priority to make “Monkey Man” stand out. To do so, he put extra time and consideration into the film’s action, amounting to something that feels more gritty and real than the bulk of its contemporaries.

“It doesn’t flow and feel so balletic. It’s odd and raw, and this guy’s truly an underdog that doesn’t have all the tools. He’s not really prepared. So he’s teeth gnarling, sweating, drooling, biting, whatever you can to survive,” Patel explained to Screen Rant. To make the action unique, he got ahold of martial artist Rahim Job, whom he found on YouTube, and got to work learning everything he could in preparation for the shoot. Over time, Patel and Job built a rapport, constantly trying to best one another and build on each of their ideas. “The idea was just trying to create this really primal, animalistic kind of very jagged kind of action because real violence is not like choreo,” Patel added.

Evidently, Dev Patel went above and beyond for “Monkey Man,” even putting his own health on the line. One can only hope that he doesn’t join the many actors whose bodies were permanently damaged while working on movies and that the feature will perform well on its April 5 premiere and beyond.